This site is currently under reconstruction.

WynnesOfIreland was originally intended as a place to host any information about the Wynne families of Ireland, including my family tree and the ongoing research that I am doing on my family lines.

The crest to the left belongs to the Wynne family of Sligo
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Teresa Carroll and Patrick Wynne

Married 29th August 1905 in St Mary's Pro-Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland

Wynnes of Ireland

The Wynnes of Ireland website was set up originally in the 1990's, with the intention of completing a one-named-study of the Wynne family in Ireland. It was based on the Wynne Family Kinsman Association template and I worked with them for a number of years. Their main focus of research was Wynn/Wynne families in the USA and their origins. In parallel to the Wynne one-name-study, I was working on my other ancestors and my complete tree was displayed on the website.

The next iterations of this website were not so ambitious. I have not been working on the one-name study, rather on all of my lines, as and when time allows. This isn't as much time as I'd like, as work and other things get in the way.

During the 1990s and early 2000's researching a family required trips to the National Archive, libraries and other repositories as there were little or no online resources. At that time I suggested if other people wanted to upload their Wynne Family Trees on my website that I'd be delighted to host them. A couple of trees were submitted and I have uploaded them to the new site. I am not actively working on these. Within the past couple of years, many resources have become available online, such as the 1901/1911 Census of Ireland and the Index to Irish Births, Deaths and Marriages. These make it easier to start research, though trip to the various repositories are still required, which is a lot of the fun of family research.

This site currently contains four trees.

The Wynnes Tree is that of my family. It includes individuals from my grandparents generation back. I am currently working on this tree and will update it from time to time. I have not included the sources for this tree. There have been a number of issues with my databases over the years, partly due to migrating between different versions of software and different platforms, partly due to some database corruption. Also, I have many birth/baptism/marriage and death certificates entered incorrectly my current database. I am working on these and when I have the sources entered correctly I will update the website database.

The Hazelwood Tree is derived from the original family that came from Wales in the seventeenth century. This tree was originally based on various editions of Burkes Peerage and Landed Gentry of Ireland. A number of errors have been corrected by various family members and friends. I'm always happy to add any corrections.

Both Anthony & Terrys trees were submitted before the 1901/1911 census records were online. I have lost the contact details for these tree owners, but would love to get in contact again.
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